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RachelFarinelliVitaHeadshot8.18Rachel Farinelli Vita has stepped into her role as ‘Weaving Medicine Woman’, known for integration of knowledge harvested from Herbal Plant Medicine, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Balanced Body Health, Reiki and Crystal Healing, Yoga and Somatic Practice, Music Weaving and Meditation.  She is a graduate of NYU and California School of Herbal Studies, and has further expanded her herbal knowledge by seeking out teachers with expertise in encouraging fully body balance, movement and healing as well as growing, harvesting, wildcrafting, making food and plant medicine, while traveling across Northern California, Colorado, India, China, and Europe.  Rachel started up Affinitas Apothecary in Boulder, Colorado – where she wore all hats as the Owner, Herbalist, and Alchemist.  Prior to moving to San Francisco, she also taught at The Center for Integrative Botanical Studies, ran a Certified Organic herb garden, and wildcrafted for Earthstar Farms. In San Francisco you will find Rachel making medicine including the new product line at Scarlet Sage Herb Company, guiding somatic TrancePlant Journeys, hosting New Moon Women Circles, sharing insights into current Astrology influences, and performing as a deep house DJ (Exoendo) at Burning Man and around the SF Bay Area. Check out her SoundCloud here.

Rachel shares the healing gifts of the sacred plants and crystals through the transformation of Alchemy, collection and transmission of vibration and light. With the support of the herbs and gems, Rachel contributes this wisdom with the purest intention for your deep healing and tranceformation. Guiding you to manifest a new reality through dissolving the boundaries, allowing layers to drop and the innocence of vulnerability to shine forth in a safe and supportive healing environment. Through this process she simply holds up a mirror for deep introspection, reflection and forgiveness; allowing the love for oneself to fill the heart and expand throughout the whole body. “One must love oneself truly and wholly before one can love another.”  Rachel sets the space with attention to detail and sacred intention, using powerful guides and intuitive energy healing to allow all that is needed to shift with abundance.