JOURNEY in San Francisco

thecentersfHeal Masculine Connection :<+>: Activate Sacral Chakra

Sisters, you are invited to a private TrancePlant Journey – special edition for WOMEN only – where we will come together in a safe place to heal our connections with MASCULINE energy and ACTIVATE our SACRAL Chakra on an auspicious day for such deep work… Now is the time to release and recalibrate what you no longer need to carry.

Do you have any places in your emotional and/or physical body where there is some need for deep healing around male energy: father, brother, boyfriend, friend, boss, authority figure or fill in the blank? Is there any sexual trauma with the opposite sex that you are ready to address so that you can move forward with more confidence and power?

Are you ready to be real, authentic, upturn your raw strength and connect to your body, energizing your core SACRAL foundation: sexuality, creativity, connection, flow & abundance?

Then I invite you to join me as we dive DEEP and explore the energy around your SACRAL CHAKRA!!! We’re going to stir things up, shake and break free negative personas, habitual patterns, old stories, aches, pains, anxiety, and repression that you have been holding in your body for days, weeks, or even years so that you have more space to create what you want in your life!

TrancePlant Journeys are an extraordinary herbal censorial somatic musical experience that encourages personal emotional release through the Chakras.

As your guide, Rachel will support you through a TrancePlant Journey using a signature herbal concoction designed to synergistically work in your body on an energetic level. The concoction coupled with a guided meditation and focused breath, drops you into a space comfortable to surrender to the music that is designed to alter your frequencies – enabling you to release your barriers, open up and activate your Inner Healer. Deeply trapped emotions are expelled through physical movement and visual imagery for transformational healing to shift your connection to personal truth, deepen in self-love, and empower your inner voice.

When: Sunday,  June 19th from 7-9pm

Where: The Center in the beautiful Bamboo Room – 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 – View Map

TrancePlant Journey begins ON TIME at 7 PM. It is very important that you come early to ground yourself in the space before you enter into this tranceformative experience.

Please bring:
-Water bottle
-Dress in comfortable clothes to move in
-Bring layers or a blanket
Some object (crystal, picture, statue, etc) symbolic of what you want to LET GO/HEAL of or CALL INTO your life

Most importantly, come with an OPEN HEART!

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