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Exoendo is a freshly emerging force in the San Francisco house music scene. Her first solo mix debut is entitled “Initiation”, taking you on an unexpected sonic journey which starts with deeply chill feel-good vibes that sound like twinkling lights in the night sky and continue on to keep your body vibrating for nearly 90 minutes of soul searching, heart opening, deep dancing beats. With all the peaks and valleys of a proper mix, this round trip provides a diverse snapshot, including moments of psychedelic goodness, tribal percussion, and dark spacey moody shifts of multi-layered delight. Soak up the sound, integrate it in, and prepare to enjoy.

Opulent Temple Podcast #138 – EXOENDO – Live @ Burning Man 2018

EXOENDO – Deep Desert >>> Opulent Temple, Burning Man 2018


Opulent Temple Podcast #109 – Exoendo – Initiation