Individual Journey Sessions

Individual Sessions run about 2 1/2 hours

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Private plant guided journey with intuitive energy healing for breaking up and allowing an energetic flow so that you can FINALLY  let go of past traumas, addictions, and old beliefs. Through this, awareness, forgiveness and acceptance will clear out the fogginess and shine light on your path for higher purpose and following your own radiant heart.

The sessions takes place in the safe and clean energy of my home studio, “the Being Room.” You will receive a guided journey supported by sound healing and intuitive energy healing; for the peeling off of layers and activation of personal power. A signature tincture of herb(s), flower essence and gem elixirs will be given to you to bring home for a continual reminder of the sessions work.

I also work with those who are already doing their deep personal work. Providing support and energy through opening your channels of power, confidence and vision for super manifestation of creativity, inspiration and activation towards your higher purpose.

Ask yourself…

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ARE YOU READY? If the answer is yes, please contact me to set up a time to follow your path towards your soul’s healing, activation and expansion.