What is a TrancePlant Journey?


StarsCroppedTrancePlant Journeys are an extraordinary herbal sensorial somatic musical experience that encourages personal emotional release through the Chakras.  For each Journey, the Four Directions are called in, creating a safe container to do deep inner work with powerful outside support.  Within Ceremonial Circle, we set intentions and take a concoction made of Herbs, Gemstone Elixirs, and Flower Essences that Rachel personally customizes for each Journey.  This concoction is designed to synergistically work in your body on an energetic level. When coupled with a guided meditation and focused breath, this drops you into a space comfortable to surrender to the music that is designed to alter your frequencies – enabling you to release your barriers, open up and activate your Inner Healer.  Deeply trapped emotions are expelled through physical movement and visual imagery for transformational healing to shift your connection to personal truth, deepen in self-love, and empower your inner voice.

Through observation and her own personal experience, Rachel practices a firm belief that unattended stuck emotions over time can lead to dis-ease.  It is crucially important to move negatively charged emotions out with physical release rather then let them sit and fester in the body.  Through TrancePlant Journeys, she guides you into visualizations, mindful full-body awareness, breathing and vocal release.  The heart/soul finds connection with the music and the monkey mind then can ease away, giving space to do some important inner work.  Once this begins, one can shake loose stagnant emotions which then opens up a whole world of healing possibilities – including breaking free from old stories, ridding oneself of disempowering thoughts, and shifting open to a new energetic space for what you want to manifest and call into your life.  The result is clear vision, centered balance, and most importantly, the ability to act from a heart-centered place.

You don’t have to be an experience mover and shaker to experience the deep healing TrancePlant Journeys have to offer.  Even the novice will find freedom through the support of this process.

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::::>>>>Now offering The Thread to those who have attended a Group TrancePlant Journey for individual time to work with me for processing and any additional energetic healing that might be necessary to ensure the full support for a thorough healing and empowering experience.::::<<<<


What the Community is saying about their experience with TRANCEPLANT JOURNEYS….


“I’m so glad I came, it was really good to have a place where I could truly be myself, free of judgement from myself and others. Thank you for creating that space. I LOVED the plant elixirs, I really felt them working. My body knows when it’s found powerful medicines and those were VERY powerful. I’ve been working really hard on being able to fall asleep on my back. Its been a real problem throughout my life, causing extreme neck pain. Last night after the Journey I fell directly asleep on my back and the journey was a HUGE factor in me being able to do that.”                                                                             -Ben Gleason, Owner of  “Isolate” Floatation Center

“I’d come every journey! Your service and gift is an amazing experience everyone should have the opportunity to experience, truly insightful and healing.”                                                                                                                                                                                      -Ande Ehlert

“It was a pleasure to share such a heart-felt and deep journey with you! Thank you again for creating the safe container in which we all could explore. The music was stellar, perfectly conducive to the meditative journey.  The herbs worked their magic as well – I was a bit at a loss for words when we came back into circle as the experience I had was so mind blowing.”                                                                                                                                 -Amy Eudis McBain, Owner of “Mobile Meditations”

“I felt that your timing was perfect. The evening went smooth and flowed organically. I would definitely come again and recommend it to friends! Again, the music was perfect and loved it!”                                                    – Reid Garcia, Owner of “Soothing and Healing Energy”